“We have paid particular attention to the reorganization of the Zitouna Faculty to elevate it to the status of a university in order to enable it to contribute again to strengthening Islam in Tunisia and abroad and become a privileged destination for students from all over the world, following the example of what the Zitouna Mosque used to be for hundreds of years.”

Excerpts from an interview given by President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to Al-Hawadith Magazine.

* The Zitouna University was created on December 31st 1987 by virtue of law #83/1987. Its organization is subject to decree #1939/1989 dated December 14th 1989 and providing for the organization of universities and higher education and scientific research establishments, together with all texts amending it, including decree #23/2002 dated January 8th 2002.

* Law #83/1987 stipulates that the Zitouna University is higher education establishment endowed with a legal status and an administrative and financial structure.

* Decree #865/1995 dated May 8th 1995 defines the duties of the Zitouna University.

* Decree #1708/1995 dated September 1995 defines the general framework of studies and the terms of graduation.

* In two departmental orders dated November 3rd 1995 the Ministry of Higher Education fixes the curricula and exams fort the first and second academic cycles.

* In a departmental order dated February 6th 1996 the Ministry of Higher Education fixes the curricula and exams for the third cycle.

* Decree #578 dated March 30th 1990 fixes the duties of the Kairouan-based Center for Islamic Center.

The Zitouna University is composed of the following higher education and research establishments:
1. The Higher Institute of Theology:
2. The Higher institute of Islamic Civilization:
3. The Center for Islamic Studies of Kairouan: