Tunisia is keen on contributing to spreading the glorious civilization of Islam in a context involving other civilizations. This initiative necessitated a set of communication tools including digital ones in order to shed light on the specific aspects of Islamic civilization.
To this end, the Zitouna University is planning to create a higher institute of Islamic civilization to provide full training in several aspects of this civilization and comparative civilizations. This institute will be attached to the Zitouna University in order that the teaching of theology and that of Islamic civilization complete one another. In addition to the institute’s theoretical courses, students will be initiated to the communication techniques.
In this institute students will study three subjects:
1. A two year course during which students learn technical techniques required for compiling data about Islamic civilization with modern technologies. It is open to “A” level students who can acquire a minimum of knowledge about Islamic civilization and an appropriate training in computer techniques and languages.
2. A four year course leading to a bachelor’s degree. It is accessible to brilliant students from the first course and students admitted from the first cycle in any other specialty, either from the Zitouna University or from other establishments, particularly from the Faculty of Letters.
3. A longer course leading to a master’s degree or a doctorate in Islamic civilization or comparative civilizations.

Are eligible Tunisian students and students from sister and friendly countries. The institute relies on faculty members from the Islamic countries and Arab universities in their capacity as visiting professors. Foreign students can be entitled to a pre-training in languages, particularly in Arabic, whether at the Zitouna University or in other establishments. Particular attention will be given to the teaching of Islamic civilization to an important number of foreign students in order to allow a large dissemination of this culture.