Country/Organization Type of Agreement Contracting Institution Date of Signature
Morocco Twinning Convention Al-Qarawiyin University December 19, 1994 
Italy  Protocol of Agreement Papal Institute of Arab-Islamic Study (Rome) February 26, 1996
Italy  Protocol of Agreement Gregorian University of Rome February 27 1996
ISESCO Cultural and Scientific Cooperation Agreement Islamic States Scientific, Educational, and Cultural Organization   November 27, 1996
United Arab Emirates  Cooperation Convention University of the Emirates April 21, 1997
Islamic Committee in Spain Cooperation Convention Islamic Committee in Spain June 10, 1997
Sultanate of Oman Cooperation Convention Sultan Qaboos University March 31, 2004
Mauritania Cooperation Convention University of Nouakchott January 1, 1986
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Scientific Cooperation Agreement Arab Center for Security Studies and Training of Riyadh September 17, 1988 
Kuwait  Cooperation Convention Faculty of Shari’a and Islamic Studies, Kuwait University      
Tatar Republic Cooperation Convention Arab-English School of Kazan August 12, 1996
France  Cooperation Convention Mediterranean Catholic Institute, Marseilles July 5, 2004