Ahmed Tifachi

Tahar Haddad

Abdelaziz Thaalbi

M.T Ben Achour




He was born in 1909 at Chebbia, in the suburbs of Tozeur. He learned the Koran by heart from his earliest days and, under the care of his father learned the basics of the Arabic language before attending the Zitouna Mosque where he obtained “At-tatwii” degree. He then registered at the Tunis School of Law, but he had to drop out when his father died in 1929, in order to look after his family. Felled by a heart disease he died on October 9, 1934 (C.E).
Acknowledged to be extremely intelligent and sensitive he showed a great deal of interest in the nation’s problems and a fervent propensity for innovation in the literary field insofar as literature should focus on existential concerns. In his famous lecture entitled Arab Poetic Imagination, he rose up against the archaic literary trends. He himself turned away from the beaten tracks and excelled in writing fluid and fine verses in an unaffected style and using an evocative language. He authored a collection entitled Aghani Al-Hayet (Odes to Life), a compilation of letters and his memoirs