Ahmed Tifachi

A. Kacem Chebbi

Abdelaziz Thaalbi

M.T Ben Achour




He was born in Tunis in 1899 (C.E). He attended the Zitouna Mosque, obtained the “At-Tatwii” degree and, in 1919, was crossed off the list of candidates for the law exams on account of his opinions and stands judged by the conservatives as incompatible with Islam.
He joined the Destour Liberal Party as soon as it was founded in 1920 (C.E). He was the co-founder, together with the trade unionist Muhammad Ali Hammi (1894-1928 C.E), of the first Tunisian independent trade unionist movement not affiliated to the French trade unions.
He authored a book The Tunisian Workers and the Advent of Trade Unionism published in 1927 C.E. After he published, in 1930 C.E, his book “Our Women in Shari’a (Islamic Law) and Society, he was persecuted by most of the Zitouna Sheikhs, the conservatives and other biased elements. He was forced to retire until he died on December 7, 1935 (C.E). In 1975 (C.E), the Arab Book Publishing House published a book he had authored “Thoughts.”