Ahmed Tifachi

A. Kacem Chebbi

Tahar Haddad

M.T Ben Achour




He was born in 1875 (C.E) in Tunis. He attended the Zitouna Mosque but dropped out in 1895. He took interest in journalism and, in the same year, founded the Newspaper Sabilu Arrached. He also contributed to founding the newspaper Al-Hadhira and the Arabic language newspaper At-Tunisi (The Tunisian).
In 1901 (C.E) he left Tunisia for Egypt where he joined Sheikh Muhammad Abdu and Sheikh Rashid Rhida in response to their call for religious and social reform.
His book Ruhu Al-Qoran (The Spirit of the Koran), he wrote in 1904, gave rise to an outcry among the colonialists; he was consequently given a two-month jail sentence. Following the Zallaj Cemetery incidents he, in 1912 (C.E), was transported to France. He then left for Turkey and later for the Middle East. Back to Tunisia, he wrote Martyred Tunisia (1914 C.E).
In 1919 (C.E), he founded the Destour Liberal Party. The latter was officially proclaimed on June 3, 1920 (C.E).
In 1923 (C.E), he emigrated to France then to Italy and finally to the Extreme East. Back home in 1937, he retired from politics following a disagreement with Habib Bourguiba. He Died on October 1st 1944.
Thaalbi is renowned for his interest in the Arabic language he considered an essential national component. He devoted full passages in Martyred Tunisia to the defense, promotion, teaching and popularization of the national language.