Al Mishkat

Al tanwir




In a book entitled Heritage and Modernization in Today’s Islamic Civilization, the Higher Institute of Islamic Civilization published, during the academic year 2003-2004, the proceedings of the Seminars it had held from November 2000 to December 2003.
The Center for Islamic Studies of Kairouan has published the following works:
* Literary Life in Kairouan during the Aghlabid Era by Dr Mohamed Mokhtar Laabidi.
* The Fetawa (formal legal opinions) rendered by Imam Al-Mezri, collected and established by Dr Tahar Maamouri.
* The Fetawa rendered by Sheikh Al-Islam Mohamed Al-Aziz Jaayet, reviewed and established by Mohamed Ben Ibrahim Bouzaghbya.
* Fiqh Issues by Ibn-Al-Kaddah, reviewed and established by Dr Mohamed Abou Al-Ajfene.
* Lectures given during the seminar on Imam Sahnun (December 1991). * Lectures given during the seminar on Imam Abi Zeid Al-Kaiawani (April 1993).
* Lectures given during the seminar entitled “Kairouan, a Malekite Scientific Center between the Mashraq and the Maghrib until the late 5th Century of Hegira” (April 1994)
* Text and Reading (April 1997).
* Being and the Other in Arab-Islamic Culture (has gone to press).